Friday, June 6, 2008

Rural Vermont cooking classes

Rural Vermont is hosting a series of cooking classes this summer at member's homes in the Montpelier area. Details on the dates and menus are listed below. Contact Rural Vermont to sign up: Shelby Hammond, Rural Vermont, 15 Barre St., Suite 2. Montpelier, VT 05602. (802) 223-7222.

*note: menus and topics are subject to change, based upon availability at that weekend’s farmers’ market!

June 8 (VEGETARIAN)- crustless quich with local spinach, herbs and cheese- Salad with fresh greens- Maple Rhubarb Bread Pudding- Anything else that looks odd but fun (maybe fresh horseradish in something, such as dressing) - Will depend on what's at the market!

July 19- Marinades for grilling local meats. Maybe even grilled goat??_- Quick summer salads with what’s fresh (probably two or three, possibly with local grains if available)- Salsa options- Fun with Strawberries, dipping, and shortcake

August 17- The Moroccan Tagine (North African stew), with late summer veggies and local meats- few local veggie and cheese dips and spreads- some fun seasonal salads- Fruit crisps

September 28- Hearty stew using local beans, greens and meats (including a homemade sausage tutorial)- Root roasts and soups- Some fall pasta toppings using squash and greens- Pies: apple and pumpkin

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