Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Welcome to the NEW MRV Localvore Blog!

Dear localvores,

This blog has been set up to help our Mad River Valley localvore community share information, upcoming events, links to articles of interest, sources for specialty foods, and much more! The new format will allow us to keep this blog up to date more easily.

Thanks for reading! Anyone can post comments and if you're a member of the MRV localvore community and would like to be added as a co-author of the blog, just email me.


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rabbit7 said...

Happy Soltice MRV gardeners!
Aaron and I would like to invite you to a gardening dialogue. Post news and/ or questions about successes and troubleshooting... plant disease, pest control, planting schedules, plant varieties... anything you want to discuss and we can all compare notes on whats happening in our gardens this season.
We look forward to "fruitful" dialogue.